Morphology Tested

*morphology tested

Semen Morphology is the count expressed as a percentage (by an accredited Semen Morphologist) of the normal sperm in an ejaculate from a bull. Some types of abnormal sperm are unable to fertilise the egg while other types of abnormal sperm can fertilise the egg but then cause the resulting embryo to die. It is therefore likely that a sexually active bull with a high percentage of normal sperm will be more fertile than one with a low percentage of normal sperm.

Crush side semen testing without the examination of Semen Morphology is unreliable and incomplete.

The Bull Power Project found that semen quality particularly the percentage of normal sperm was consistently related to a high number of calves on the ground and a more compressed calving.

While a pass for Semen Morphology does not guarantee high fertility, continued failure and almost certainly means relatively low fertilisation rates. By retesting the bulls that fail the initial test, our aim is to identify those animals that have a genetic weakness or a predisposition to be affected by outside factors. We place great emphasis on this comprehensive semen analysis and all Strathmore Bulls sold must pass the Australian Cattle Veterinary Thresholds for specific and total abnormalities. Bulls that fail are removed from sale.

Test results are subject to change and are affected by sexual maturity, nutrition, the rate of weight gain or loss, age, genetics, injury, illness, relocation and environmental stresses.

Bulls with results from 70%-100% normal sperm are deemed fertile for single sire mating. Bulls with 50%-69% are deemed as acceptable for multiple sire mating. The total percentage results for all bulls will be stated on the supplementary sheets on the day of sale.

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