Strathmore Steers Feedlot Performance Exceptional

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Again, due to drought conditions the decision was made to feed our steers at Mort and Co Feedlots.

The first pen out of the feedlot was processed at Beef City in September 2014.  The 217 steers recorded the following statistics;

Feed Figures

In weight: 348kg
Final weight: 614kg
Days on feed: 102
Average daily gain: 2.61 kg/day
Dry feed conversion 4.11 to 1

Kill Sheet Figures

Milk teeth: 94%
Two teeth 6%
Av carcase weight: 339kg HSCW
P8 fat : 17m.m.
Meat colour : 1.07
Average $/kg: 4.30
Average $/head: $1,457.00


Mort and Co have had the privilege of custom feeding the Walker families’ Strathmore genetics for the past 12 years.

Their cattle are of exceptional temperament, moderate framed, easy fleshing, and structurally sound enabling them to handle days on feed. They always settle on to feed quickly and are among the healthiest pens in the feedlot.

The Strathmore cattle are versatile, comfortably meeting either the domestic trade or 100 day short fed markets.

The most profitable cattle on feed are those that kill at a young age with a High Average Daily Weight Gain and efficient Dry Feed Conversion.  In these areas the Strathmore cattle have consistently performed in the top 1% of cattle fed at Mort and Co. 

It is always a pleasure feeding cattle of this quality and I highly recommend the Walker’s Strathmore genetics.

Berry Reynolds
Private Client Manager
Mort & Co

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